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About is a fast-growing online social network for Nigerians to connect with their family, friends, colleagues and loved ones where ever they may be. Come join thousands of Nigerians already using Lagbook. It's free to join, so go on. is a social network of Nigerians, for Nigerians, by Nigerians. It is a network where Nigerians unwind, mix-up, connect with each other and share their daily experiences in Nigeria and beyond! is a network where Nigerians can chat, share videos, events and photos, play games, interact etc.
A network to connect all Nigerians together regardless where they are.
On you can do a lot! Just let your mind run wild!

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Welcome to Wiki. This site is a sort of encyclopedia on Nigeria. So members should try creating pages with useful information of themselves, Nigeria, its leaders, environment and people. So sign up and get started. Registration is free!

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